Melbournes Metallic Tower

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Melbournes Metallic Tower

Post  Mr007 on Tue Dec 07, 2010 3:03 pm

Melbournes Metallic Tower

181 William Street in Melbourne is currently the tallest building under construction in the Australian city and approaching completion.

With gold, copper and bronze coloured double layered glass wrapping around the tower in horizontal bands, it comes from the imagination of architects Bates Smart & SJB who designed the scheme for developer Cbus Property.

The tower will be 120 metres tall rising to 26 storeys with 49,557 square metres of net lettable space almost for offices standing above the retail podium of Goldsbrough Lane that it is set back slightly from.

The aim of the scheme is to provide open, airy and highly rational rectangular floor plates that can quickly be exploited by occupiers whilst making the building as green as possible at the same time. 60% of the office space within is 8 metres or less from an external view meaning the deep, dark floor plates of yore are a thing of the past.

The location of the building sees it stand on the western end of Melbourne's central business district on the prominent position overlooking both William Street and Bourke Street. It's an area dominated by legal firms, something evidenced by those companies who have signed up for the building so far, all of which are lawyers.

The notable metallic aesthetic the building has is driven partly the need for solar shading with metallic colours excellent for filtering heat from the sun much in the same way an astronaut has a gold visor on his space helmet.

Another feature the building employs is solar domestic hot water preheating panels that take the energy of the sun to naturally warm the water that is then piped around the building thus reducing the amount of power the building needs to run its plumbing with.

The building even has a black water treatment plant of its own much like a ship allowing waste to be filtered and then recycled around the building minus the most damaging of chemicals it contained. Many will find it satisfying to know that in the name of the environment we finally have lawyers drinking their own urine.

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