The method to change the network settings on the Huawei B970b router

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The method to change the network settings on the Huawei B970b router

Post  hello4grouter on Fri May 11, 2012 9:46 am

This article comes from online store, you can input in google ,then search Huawei B970b, i assure you can find it.

Instructions for the Huawei B970b router: How to change the network settings on your B970b?

Note: If your Huawei B970b is not new, it is best to power up the unit and reset it using the reset hole on the side of the unit.

Power up the B970b and wait until the WLAN light is green. Using WiFi, connect to the "gateway" network and with a browser go to http:// or connect your PC to the B970b with a network cable, making sure your PC network is set up for the correct subnet to enable connection to This is the B970b home page.

Before doing the procedure below, make sure you have all the PPP info for your 3G network! Your Network Supplier may help. If not, Google is a very good place to look.

Log in with the password "admin" Go to "Advanced Setings" > "Dial-up Settings" > Profile Settings You will see a drop-down box at the top and the

text fields will have arbitrary settings. Ignore them !! Change "Profile Name" to any name you choose, e.g. Three UK PPP User Name and PPP Password can be filled in, but are often bank. APN can be static or dynamic but is usually static. "internet" is a typical APN IP Address is nearly alway dynmic and can be left blank Now, click on the red "Save" button at the bottom right of the page. Your new profile is now saved to the BOTTOM of the profile list, NOT in alphabetical order !!! Go back to "Dial-up Settings" and select "PPP Settings" Using the drop-down box at the top, go to the bottom of the list, and you will find your new profile! Select it.

The PPP Connection field depends on your 3G supplier but Auto is good. PPP Authentication varies with network, but PAP is a good try. Leave the other fields as the default and click the red Apply button. That's it !!*Simple if you know how !! It is often best to power down the Huawei B970b rotuer and then power it up again after making these changes. You may add as many new profiles as you like, if you use more than one network. Text*Author:*Modem3g Customer. Buy Huawei B970b online here now. Come on!


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