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Profession benefits for casters Empty Profession benefits for casters

Post  Gevlon on Thu Dec 31, 2009 11:24 am

Copied from Dhirken's post after it turned into a "profession benefits for tanks" thread.

The gear rules
- Epic (purple) gear: NO, except engi self-head
- Epic gems: NO (except JC-self-gems)
- Abyss-enchants: NO
- Epic leg armor: YES
- Exa hodir enchant: NO, Epic PvP enchant: YES (it's resi, so most of its stats are wasted, it's simply to save you from the long questline if you hate it)
- Head enchant (now heirloom): YES

Toughness (60 Stamina)

Lifeblood (~3600 heal, 3 min cooldown)
Dreaming Glory pick buff (30 HP/5)
Netherbloom pick buff (+50 random stat)
Fel Blossoms (750-1250 shield)

Master of Anatomy (40 Critical Strike Rating)

Bracer & Glove Sockets (48 Stamina, 32 Strength/Agility/Spirit/Intellect/Defense Rating, 38 Spellpower, etc.)

Dual Ring Enchants (80 Attack Power, 60 Stamina, 48 Spellpower)

Master's Inscriptions (benefits over Lesser Inscriptions)
90 Attack Power & 5 Critical Strike Rating
45 Dodge Rating & 5 Defense Rating
52 Spellpower & 3 Mp5
52 Spellpower & 5 Critical Strike Rating

Fur Linings (benefits over available non-abyss enchants)
90 Stamina
46 Spellpower
80 Attack Power
70 Misc. Resistance

Mixology (improvements to flasks)
47 Spellpower
64 Attack Power
650 Health
Flask of the North (permanent use flask)
Endless Healing/Mana Potion (permanent use potions)
Indestructible Alchemist's Stone (trinket, 75 Stamina & 50 Dodge Rating)
Mighty Alchemist's Stone (trinket, 100 Attack Power & 50 Critical Strike Rating)
Mercurial Alchemist's Stone (trinket, 59 Spellpower & 50 Haste Rating)

Epic Engineering Helm (compare to best blue alternative yourself)
Flexweave Underlay (cloak enchant, 23 Agility vs 22 Agility normal enchant)
Glove Enchants:
Hyperspeed Accelerators (340 Haste on use)
Reticulated Armor Webbing (885 Armor)
Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket (1000 Damage on use)
Nitro Boosts (boots enchant, 24 Critical Strike Rating and speed boost vs 12 Critical Strike Rating & 12 Hit Rating normal enchant)
Saronite Bombs (~22 DPS)

Monarch Crab (trinket, 63 Stamina & 2 sockets, 300 Dodge Rating on use)
Emerald Boar (trinket, 84 Attack Power & 2 sockets, pet summon on use)
Ruby Hare (trinket, 62 Stamina & 2 sockets, speed boost on use)
3x Dragon's Eyes (bonus over blue gems)
54 Strength/Agility/Spirit/Intellect
81 Stamina
60 Spellpower
54 Defense Rating

Swordguard Embroidery (400 Attack Power proc)
Lightweave Embroidery (250 Spellpower proc)
Darkglow Embroidery (400 mana restore proc)

JC seems to be the best, with 60 SP and the twilight serpent trinket (bis even with 2 blue quality gems, especially since one of them is blue colored, and we need 2 for the meta.

EJ says the best prof for caster DPS is tailoring due to Lightweave Embroidery and I have this porf. However with the blue gear requirements, other professions seems to be interesting too, like inscription for the much stronger shoulder enchant and that you don't have to quest for Hodir (though those quests are really nice).

Alchemy also seems tempting, not only because of mixology but it has a good trinket (other good trinkets are instance drops, good luck getting them) and it has the bonus of +40% effect from potions, giving more health and mana (caster with 0 mana = wand) and in our Blue Ulduar run there was a long queue begging for innervate. So - unlike in 245 - don't ignore mana regen talents and gear.

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Profession benefits for casters Empty Re: Profession benefits for casters

Post  qwesto on Wed Jan 13, 2010 6:20 pm

Engineering also have a +27 spellpower enchant for cloak, which might or might not be preferred over the haste enchant.

Also the "grind" for getting revered with Sons of Hodir is down to doing the prequests, doing the dailies one day, and delivering 2x 10 Relics of Ulduar. I got to revered the first day I started questing for them, so it's not much of a grind anymore.


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