Cellulite Removal Cream Effective Ingredients

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Cellulite Removal Cream Effective Ingredients

Post  jukido on Fri Jul 22, 2011 7:59 pm

Cellulite Removal Cream Effective Ingredients

The ingredients found in cellulite removal cream focus on cellulite removal by:
toning and tightening the skin
boosting fat metabolism to diminish cellulite
diminishing fluid retention
Ingredients in cellulite cream range from the old stand-bys like caffeine (reduces subcutaneous fluid) and shea butter (skin toner) to the latest peptide molecules (stimulate collagen production to smooth away cottage cheese thighs). A large number of anti cellulite creams contain unproven or unstudied ingredients with questionable effectiveness for cellulite removal. We recommend using a cellulite cream that makes use ingredients with a proven track record of cellulite removal.
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