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Post  Lethorgic on Sat May 29, 2010 6:26 am

The "Theorycrafting - Fights" was so empty I thought I'd fill up the gap.

Considering Rotface will probably be attempted very soon (most likely today at time of writing) I thought I'd share some of my experiences.

As maintank and one of the capable people in my main guild, I somehow always get appointed the task of kiting the big ooze around the room. The slime hits very hard (will most certainly one-shot any blue gear) but moves very slow. In my experience, the movement speed was even further reduced with the release of 3.3.3 to a permanent ~60% slow. The one kiting the add should never be hit, which got me thinking about using a ranged dps instead of a second tank to kite it (specifically Hunter with Distracting Shot).
By far the most of the damage the add-kiter will take will be from when Prof. Putricide floods the room in slime. IIRC most of the damage is classed as "shadowstorm", meaning you need both Aspect of the Wild/Nature Resistance Totem AND Shadow Protection Aura/Prayer to be able to resist. It is only necessary to keep enough threat on the add to stay above the healers, as the add won't be dps'ed. A small lead in threat would be enough to keep it following you, giving you time to dps the boss with instants while on the move. Also, when forced to move through the slime, you could disengage from the ooze into the slime, which saves a second or 2 of slime dot. Just be ready to pick the add up again.
I would recommend a kiter+raid-healer and a dedicated maintank healer. With skilled dpsers & well timed disease cleansing, the raiddamage would be minimal, hence just 2 healers should be manageable. The kiter should only be hit by the flood (predictable damage) and some random slime spray hits, giving the kiter-healer some breathing room to heal raid.

The reason why a dps would be kiting the add, is because of Rotface's soft enrage, = spamming more infections. Sources differ on what causes the enrage (%health, time, number of exploded oozes) though having as much dps as possible is always a good thing.
I'm not too sure about the tankdamage, so perhaps a second tankhealer might be needed?
Hunter seems like an obvious choice for kiter, but maybe Blink > Disengage in terms of avoiding slime dot, other classes might be considered as well.


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